Advanced Ride Deluxe Saddle With IGP System

Advanced Ride Deluxe Saddle With IGP System

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Whether you are a jumper or eventer, a mono flap saddle allows you to easily feel your horse's movements and deliver precise cues when you are schooling and showing. Along with offering a close contact feel, these saddles are typically lightweight, making them comfortable for horse and rider. 

Love the Ride With the Intrepid International Advanced Ride Deluxe Saddle

Intrepid International designed their mono flap saddle in a dark Havana color. English riders will find that this saddle is just as functional as it is attractive. With the interchangeable gullet system, riders will be able to easily change out the size of the plates as their horse's body develops. This feature is also ideal for trainers who frequently ride horses with different gullet sizes. While the International Advanced Ride saddle comes with the medium-sized gullet plate already installed, other plate sizes can also be purchased separately. 

This saddle also features the drop billeted girthing system for easy maintenance. Since the billets are made out of calfskin leather, they are easy to break in and require only a simple care routine. The leather also delivers a solid grip, which will be beneficial when you are soaring over jumps.

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